Consulting Services

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution in business 

Proactics brings decades of technology business experience to each client to help define direction and implement solutions driving growth and profit. Below is a list of our consulting services.

Turnaround/Restart Management

If you require expert management for a turnaround/restart of a division or entire company we have the experience and other support services you need to right the ship. Our finance, legal and marketing partners all work to make your reentry to the market as successful as possible.


Mergers & Acquisition Assistance

If you’re considering an M&A program, and need assistance we evaluate technology, companies and markets helping you define the requirement and choose those opportunities that bring the best potential for success. We bring legal expertise, technology and business development experience to help you make strong, informed decisions.


Strategic Business Development Guidance

Although we don’t recommend that our clients spend a lot of time on long term planning (greater than 36-months), we do believe that a frequent examination of markets and opportunities with our clients is highly valuable for them. Using a Socratic method we work through the plans, verify the directions and help to establish reasonable goals for revenue and other objectives. We find this type of exercise results in a discipline that if followed allows managers and entire organizations to know they are pursuing the correct path.


Board of Director Support and Guidance

From time-to-time we are asked to address the boards of for profit and not for profit organizations. Frequently we advise on business or program acquisitions. We assist with Merger & Acquisition programs and often help the Board deal with new markets and technology futures. We are there to support the planning process and to bring valuable senior executive experience to the table.


Technology Assessment for the Clinical Business

If you offer medical diagnostic or other technology based services or wish to, we help develop strategies for planning for and acquiring technology at fair costs that meet your requirements. We work with our clients to guide them to developing the appropriate specification allowing for efficient and cost effective acquisition of instrumentation and services.


Sales Development Programs

Studies show that a new sales hire will not demonstate his value until he is in the territory for at least 18-months. You need to do all you can to get it right the first time. We assist you with sales program evaluation, sales program development, sales training and individual assessment. We also advise on the development of sales tools and strategies and compensation planning.


Executive Coaching

Most small to midsize companies either don’t need or can’t afford to hire a full time person to deal with the occasional business issue. An executive coach can provide just-in-time support for all your business needs.


Assistance with Legal Disputes and Business Actions

If you spend any time dealing with customers, competitors, employees or the general public you most likely will experience a business dispute or legal action. These are emotion filled experiences that can waste time and resources. We use our decades of experience dealings with law suits, mediations and arbitrations to work with you to bring logic and sensibility to the situation so that you may emerge with the best outcome.


ISO Certification and Audit Guidance

Preparation for ISO certification is no small task. We find that the process to be tedious, disruptive and expensive. Proactics has teamed with the top company in this area. We provide a well defined and cost effective program. Many of our clients can be certified in fewer than 6-months.


FDA and Other Regulatory Agency Support

Along with our own experience we are partners with some of the best regulatory consultants in the world. Whether you are seeking advice on a direction or looking for hands-on guidance in the application and submission of regulatory approval for new products we can assist you with a coordinated business/regulatory effort.


Marketing Communications Support

If you are seeking advertising, exhibit, general graphic support or copywriting Proactics can supply cost effective, professional services on-demand.


Contact us today to discuss your needs. We’re here to help.

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