About Us

Technology advances faster than most can appreciate

Technology advancement alters how markets react and for most it’s pretty confusing. Planning and expert outside guidance is necessary if an organization is to achieve success. Today managers are working as hard as possible just to keep up. At Proactics we team with your organization to provide unbiased assessments and planning support that helps managers to move forward with programs, products and services that generate revenue and expand business.

Proactics was founded in 2003 to provide business development support for companies and institutions that offer or use medical equipment, consumables or other high-tech materials. Since that time we’ve supported M&A programs, start-ups, restarts, venture capital funding, new program and product development, strategic planning and training at large and smaller businesses, medical clinics and hospitals.

Thinking your problems are unique is an indication you may need assistance. Although others may have experienced your problems, the solutions you implement should be well planned and unique to your organization and the markets it serves. We are here to assist you to define the issues and design solutions. Whether you need technology assessment services, business development support or general sale program development Proactics is ready to share our decades of technology business experience with you.

It costs nothing to speak with us. We welcome an opportunity to learn about your organization and explore the possibility of working together for a profitable outcome.

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